Ophir, Utah

     We had an incredible adventure day in Ophir, Utah! Even from the comfort of our car, we saw some cool old mine shafts and historical buildings; including the Town Hall and first Fire Department in Utah. We met local David Lawrence and chatted with him for almost 30 minutes - he's a super awesome guy!  An old safe sits out front of his home with Butch Cassidy's signature on it. Is it real? Who knows, but it made the trip even wilder.

     Ophir, Utah is a hidden gem; a ghost town about 22 miles outside of Tooele, Utah.  I've lived in the state nearly all my life and never knew it existed.  Ophir was settled in 1870 by mining families.  Miners came from Nevada and California to try their chances at getting rich quick. What were they mining?  Why silver and Gold of course!  Zinc was also found in 1911.  Mining activity continued through about 1959.  It was booming with stores, brothels, saloons and dance halls.  In the 1870's  about 3,500 people lived in the little town.  Now, according to the 2022 census only about 40 people remain.  Many of the buildings have been restored. 

     Lawrence told us Ophir is a place where people are used to a slower pace and he likes it.  They get a lot of people driving the canyon in the Summer (2024) and it's pretty busy.  He would like to see a couple of weekends with live music and food trucks.  Lawrence said trespassers can be a problem, but for the most part he enjoys seeing the families picnic and have fun with the history of the place.